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January 24, 2013
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"I love those fat Americans, you know they so obnoxious. They always eating burgers. They always holding shotguns."

You walk over to America's house and knock on the door, after a few minutes Tony opens the door and stares at you. "Hi Tony! Is America here?" You ask, Tony nods his head and points to a dark corner where you see America sulking, you ask Tony why America was sulking and from what you understood was that America was sad and angry because Tony kept on beating him in every single video game he had. You walked inside and decided that since America is...busy, you would just walk around his house. You first go into the kitchen and look at his fridge and see that is was full of burgers, you sweatdrop "well, the burger part was right" you grab a bag of burgers and start to go to look around the rest of the house, while you were look around you didn't notice America come up behind you, "(Y/N)? Dude what are you doing with my burger?" America asks with confused look on his face. "" You start to run to the bathroom and America chases you, you grab a burger and hold it above the toilet, "(Y/N)! HAVE YOU GONE MAD!?!?" America shouts, "Tell me.." You say throw gritted teeth, "Tell you what!?!?" America starts to look even more worried, "Tell me... Where you keep your shotguns, tell me now or the burger gets it." You give him a stern look, "I-I don't own a shotgun" America looks at you nervously, you both look at each other for awhile with the suspense building up in the air, you smirk and drop the burger in the toilet, America screams and runs to the toilet crying "NO MR.BURGER! OK I'LL TELL YOU! I KEEP MY SHOTGUNS NEXT TO MY SHRINE OF YOU, IN THE CLOSET!" America shouts and weeps, you have a pokerface and stare at America for awhile and then pull out your list and place a check mark next to America's name, "Well.... I'll see you later.... Um bye..." You leave the house feeling awkward and look at your list again

"Your next Mexico."

The Stereotypes Song: Americaby norwayawesome

Literature / Fan Fiction / Humor©2013-2014 norwayawesome
=w= ........

So I might post Mexico tomorrow or on Saturday.... Depends on how much homework I have.

Prologue: [link]
Japan: [link]
America: you are here~!
Mexico: [link]
Ireland & China: [link]
Poland: coming soon
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Damn America fine i'll give you back your-.Wait. WHAT?! (I read this and I was like WTF? and had to do a double take)
AnimegirlLOVER415 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Student Writer
A least someone other then me notice that
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YES!!! YES!!! LOL!!!! YES!!!

i wonder how many baby mamas mexico's got
norwayawesome Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013
XD I'm sure he has a lot
0FrostFromFairyTail0 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013
lol yea
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My sister: psh. More like pretty damn grumpy
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