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July 18, 2013
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Makoto x Reader: 2nd button from the top

Makoto was running around the hallway looking for Nagisa. Makoto was planning on confessing to his long time crush, (Full Name).

Makoto had practically ran all over the school looking for Nagisa. He finally found him teasing Kou.

"Hey guys!" Makoto runs up to them, he was panting and out of breath. Nagisa smiles and waves at him, Kou does the same though she lightly punched Nagisa.

"What's up Makoto?" Nagisa says while he rubs his arm where Kou punched him.

"I… I want to confess my love to (Name)…" Makoto blushes. Kou and Nagisa silently look at him, their jaws dropped. For a second Makoto got scared until Kou squealed like an insane fangirl.

"I was waiting for the day that you would finally confess to her! How are you going to confess? Dinner? Poem? Sex?" Kou continues on listing more confession scenarios. Makoto and Nagisa sweatdrop.

"Actually… I was looking for you guys to give me a unique way to confess to her." Makoto awkwardly rubs the back of his head. Kou's eyes light up and pulls Nagisa and Makoto close to her.

"I know a really sweet and cute way to confess to her…"

"Tell me." Makoto usually cheerful expression turns serious. Kou whispers to them the confession and the plan.


(Name) was was waiting out in the courtyard waiting for Makoto.

'He said he was going to be here right when class ended.' (Name) checks her watch and sighs, it was getting late, she started walking away but stopped when she heard someone call her name.

"(Name)!" She turns around and see Makoto running towards her. She brushes a strand of her (h/c) behind her ear and waits for him to get to her.

"(N-Name)… I'm sorry to keep you waiting…" Makoto pants… poor guy has been running around pretty much all day "…I'm sorry I kept you waiting, I wanted to tell you something and give you something, close your eyes and hold out your hands."

(Name) nods and follows Makoto's directions. Makoto rips off the second button to the top of his uniform and puts it in (Name)'s hand.

"You can open your eyes now." (Name) opens her eyes and looks at the button confused. Makoto chuckles.

"A button? Did you want me to sew it back on onto your uniform?" (Name) chuckles, Makoto shakes his head and grabs (Name)'s shoulders, her eyes widen when his face gets close to hers.

"(Name)… I love you, so I wanted to give you the closest thing to my heart, which would be the second button from the top on my uniform." (Name) blushes and slams her lips on Makoto's, he immediately returns the kiss and wraps his arms around her waist.

They pull away from the passionate kiss when the need for air fills their lungs. Both of their faces red, but they laugh and hug each other.

"This is so sweet, thank you Makoto, I love you too!" The couple seal the deal with another passionate kiss while 2 people in a bushes watched with binoculars and bro fist.

Makoto x Reader: 2nd button from the topby norwayawesome

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2013-2014 norwayawesome
XD Sorry if any of the characters are OOC

In Japan it actually is a love confession when the boy gives the girl the 2nd button from the top on his uniform because 2nd button to the top is the closest button to his heart ((D'awww)) I thank my friend for telling me this on the bus on the way back home from school. I at first I was thinking about using Nagisa as the person to confess... but then I decided to just use Makoto.
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