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February 20, 2013
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
England x Reader: In The Locker Room [LEMON]

WARNING: sexual content, read at your own risk!

Arthur's P.O.V. I was sitting in class remembering what happened last night with my girlfriend (Y/N) ~Flashback~ I was on top of (Y/N) kissing her roughly, I un-buttoned her school uniform shirt and un-clipped her bra, (Y/N) starts to blush darker and turned her head away from me, I leaned down and started to kiss her neck, I grazed my teeth over her sweet spot, (Y/N) started to moan loudly, I lifted both my hands and started to grope her soft boobs, I leaned down and put one of her boobs in my mouth, I twirled my tongue around her erected nipple "Ah! A-arthur." (Y/N) moaned and thrusted her hips against mine, I moaned loudly and pulled off her plaid red skirt and kissed down chest and stopped at the top of her panties, I rub her clothed entrance
"Wow, you're so wet love" I slipped a finger inside of her and started to thrust it in and out of her, I was getting harder from hearing (Y/N) moan and squirm around, I felt her walls tighten around my finger and I pulled out, (Y/N) whimpered, I pulled off her panties and threw them on the floor, I smirked at her and pulled off my pants and boxers, I rubbed the tip of my dick on her cunt, enjoying her whimpering and cries for pleasure.
"A-arthur...p-p-please..." (Y/N) pleaded
"Please what? Is there something you need?"
"I-I need you... I n-need you I-inside of me, n-now!" I flipped (Y/N) and myself so that I was underneath and her back was on my chest, I thrusted inside of her, we both moan, I started to thrust fast and hard into her, I grabbed her boobs and she turned her head and we started to make out passionately. The whole room was full of our moans the sound of skin hitting skin.
"Say my name, love." I started to slow down my thrusts
"Arthur" she whispered
"What? I didn't hear you, say it louder." I stop thrusting into her
"ARTHUR!" (Y/N) cried and I started to thrust into her again, after a few minutes I felt her walls tighten around my dick, (Y/N) throw her head back when I hit a certain spot
"A-AH!! Arthur right there!" (Y/N) moaned loudly. I made sure to hit the spot again every time "Arthur.. I-I'm gonna--" I felt you release you juice and I couldn't handle how good you felt that I felt my release also cumming, I pulled out fast and climaxed all over your stomach. I hugged you and put you down next to me and pulled the covers over us to cover our naked bodies
"Goodnight love, I love you" I panted
"Goodnight Arthur, I love you too."

~end of flashback~

I was staring to get hard again from thinking about last night, I was so lost in thought that I didn't notice the bell had rung and I was the only one in the room until I heard a quite voice call out my name, I turned and saw (Y/N)
"H-hey (Y/N)." I started to blush dark red
"Are you ready to go down to lunch?" (Y/N) asked me
"Um.. Yeah." I grabbed my backpack and walked towards her, pulled her into a hug and kissed her, when we broke the kiss I started to chuckle at her cute blushing face, I warped my arm around her shoulder and walked towards the cafeteria with (Y/N), when we entered and walk towards the tables in the back where we normally sit with all our friends, me and (Y/N) put our stuff down and grab our lunch money, we got our food when Francis accidentally bumped into (Y/N) and dropped his food on her. I rised my fist ready to punch that asshat in the face, but (Y/N) stopped me
"Im so sorry (Y/N)! Here!" Francis grabbed his napkin and gave it to (Y/N)
"It's ok Francis, and thanks" (Y/N) wipes off some of the food and turns to me
"I have a spare uniform in my gym locker, I'll be back real quick." (Y/N) tells me
"Wait! Let me go with you" I look her in the eye. (Y/N) thinks for a bit and finally nods, I smile and grab her hand, we start to run to the girls locker room, (Y/N) looks around to make sure that we were the only ones in there, (Y/N) goes to her locker and pulls out the spare uniform
"Um... Can you turn around?" (Y/N) blushes. I nod and turn so that my back is facing her, when (Y/N) finishes she starts to put her dirty uniform in a bag when we heard to people walk in talking about random girl stuff, I look at (Y/N) and she pulls me and her into the locker and closed it, I was surprised that it could fit both if us in it, I looked down and saw how her chest was pressed against my mine, it felt really nice, I felt myself starting to slightly drool and getting hard again, (Y/N) gasped but she immediately covered her mouth "Hey did you hear something?" One of the girls asked
"Yeah, I thought I heard a gasp."
"Hm, must have been something else" the girls continued doing whatever it was they were doing. Try to lean down to (Y/N)'s ear
"Love, your turning me on." I cupped her cheeks with my hands and kissed her, she softly moaned, I couldn't really hold it in anymore and opened the zipper on my pants and pulled out my erected dick, then I pulled down (Y/N)'s panties and lifted her up a little so that I could enter her, I thrusted slowly so that we our cover wasn't blown, I kissed (Y/N) again to muffle her moans, with my free hand I started to tease (Y/N) by groping her ass and finally inserting 2 fingers inside her ass, (Y/N) gasped again and slowly relaxed, every time I thrusted in she pushed her hips down to met my and add onto the pleasure.
"Ok, im ready, lets go back to class" I heard a girl say
"Ok lets go" I hear them walking out and shutting the door, I stopped and pulled out of (Y/N), I opened the locker and laid down on the bench
"Come on (Y/N), get back on." I smirked "O-ok..." (Y/N) walks over and straddles me, I insert myself in her again and start to thrust again, (Y/N) starts to bounce with every thrust moaning loudly not caring of anyone else walked in and heard us, I carefully pushed her on the floor
"Lay on your side" (Y/N) nodded and did what I told her, I get on my knees and put one of her legs over my shoulder and thrust back in, (Y/N) moans loudly again from the new angle, soon I hit her g-spot, (Y/N) started to cry out load, her moans where turning me on, I thrusted faster and continued hitting her g-spot over and over again
"S-scream my name!" I shouted
"Ah..ah.. A-arthur... Harder, please" I could tell (Y/N) was close to her climax and so was I. I did what she asked me to and thrusted harder into her, I was on cloud nine, I was so distracted that I forgot to pull out of (Y/N) before I climaxed, I pulled out of her and began to apologized to her
"Oh god, (Y/N), im sorry, I forgot to pull out before I climaxed." I was panting, (Y/N) hugged me and nuzzled her head in my neck
"It's ok a-arthur." She panted
"But- but, I could get you pregnant !" I was so worried, if I got her pregnant then her father would kill me, he almost killed me when (Y/N) told him that we were dating, (Y/N)'s father a scary swedish man named Berwald, and he was the last person you would want to get mad. "What would we do? Your father would kill me and he would probably disown you!" I exclaimed, I didn't really care if he killed me but it would break my heart to see (Y/N) crying because her father kicked her out.
"I could move in with you." She looked me in the eyes, I thought for a seconds and nodded, my mother loved (Y/N) so it wouldn't be a huge problem.
"Ok" i hug her, we got ready again and walked out, hand in hand to our next class feeling happy. ~Timeskip to a few weeks~ Well (Y/N) had gotten pregnant thanks to me. When we told her father he had so mad at us that I ended up in the hospital with a broken arm and broken leg, but a least he didn't disown (Y/N) and we were able to have a healthy baby girl named (g/n). And we lived happily ever after...i guess, if you consider a scary swedish man starring you down with his death glare every second a happy ending... ~FIN~
oh my god.... this is the first lemon I have ever written.... I'm sorry if it suck QAQ

I'm just going to go sit in my dark corner and talk to the wall....

EDIT* please join my new Hetalia lemon group [link]
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Black-Fire-Tazz Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
WHY WOULD BERWALD KICK ME OUT?! I LUVS HIM!!   .........I bet he would take me back in if I came back with a kinky costume hehehehehehehehehe
Das yo papa.
lololol wearing a kinky costume for your dad XD

This suddenly made me uncomfortable....
Black-Fire-Tazz Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
What?! I can't help that I think he's sexy.
You have all rights to think he is sexy. I'm just thinking of this in the story, like he is yo papa in this story... and then you'll just wear a kinky outfit for him, while you got Arthur and now this baby. Like... whoa... This whole thing is flashing through my mind... and it makes me feel like a huge awkward turtle.
Black-Fire-Tazz Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lulz I'm just weird like that. All my friends love me for it though XD
I thought of pewdiepie when I saw that my dad was a mean Swedish man! :D
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